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Introducing Schoolink PX, the premier integrated school management software by MWETANA. Developed to streamline educational and administrative processes, Schoolink stands as Liberia's foremost solution for efficient school management.

What is Schoolink PX?

MWETANA Schoolink Px is a cutting-edge, web-based school management solution that revolutionizes educational and administrative tasks. Designed to streamline operations and elevate the quality of education through advanced technologies, Schoolink Px empowers educational institutions to effectively and efficiently manage their day-to-day operations.

With its secure and user-friendly interface, Schoolink Px offers seamless login access for students, parents, sponsors, teachers, management personnel, and staff members. This comprehensive platform serves as a hub for all stakeholders, providing them with a centralized space to collaborate, communicate, and access vital information.

Experience the power of MWETANA Schoolink Px and witness how it simplifies complex administrative processes, enhances educational experiences, and brings efficiency to every facet of your institution. Elevate your school's potential with our state-of-the-art school management solution today.


You found us! Why spend your valuable money and time investing in our school management solution? Here's why...
Streamlined Educational and Administrative Tasks
Schoolink Px simplifies various educational and administrative processes, making them easier and more efficient.
Login Access for All Stakeholders
Schoolink Px provides login access for various stakeholders, including students, parents, sponsors, teachers, management personnel, and staff members.
Secure Data Management
Schoolink Px prioritizes the security of educational data, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.
Enhanced Education Quality
By leveraging the latest technologies, Schoolink Px provides a platform to enhance the quality of education within educational institutions.
Web-based Solution
Schoolink PX is a secure, web-based system that allows convenient access from anywhere with an internet connection.


Choose excellence. Our exceptional modules set us apart from the crowd. Have a look.
Student Management
Designed to streamline the process of enrolling students, eliminating the need for paper-based documentation and saving valuable time.

Its primary objective is to maintain a digital record of student information, providing an efficient and organized system for managing student data.
Payment & Finance
The Payment Module serves as a digital platform that efficiently handles all financial transactions within the school.

By leveraging this module, schools can effectively manage various monetary activities, including the processing of school fees, handling other payments, and recording receipts.
Teachers Management
The Teacher's Management module serves as a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing various aspects related to teachers within an educational institution

This module enables real-time attendance tracking for teachers, facilitates online grade input, and fosters effective communication between parents and teachers.
Parents Portal
The Parent Portal module is designed to actively engage parents in the day-to-day activities of their children within an educational institution.

This module provides parents with a dedicated platform where they can log in and access real-time academic results and track payment progress.
The Academic Module serves as a comprehensive solution for managing various processes related to admissions, transcripts, and student administration within an educational institution.

This module offers essential tools and functionalities on a single platform, enabling schools to efficiently handle administrative tasks.
The Report Module is a powerful tool that generates a wide range of real-time reports, providing valuable insights and information for educational institutions.

These reports encompass important aspects such as the student admission register, daily fee collection, monthly attendance, and more. By leveraging this module, institutions can enhance accountability, transparency, and decision-making processes.
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J.W Harris Memorial School
Royal Life Academy
Life International School
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DYA-WULU Cooper Learning Center
Early Cooper Memorial Academy
Ducor Ivy League International School
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$120 / Year
  • Student Management
  • Payment Module
  • Report Module
  • Financial Module Report
  • Setup Module
$300 / Year
  • Student Management
  • Payment Module
  • Teacher Management
  • Parent Portal
  • Academic Module
  • Report
  • Teachers Module Report
  • Finance Module Report
  • Academic Module Report
  • Parents Module Report
  • Setup Module
Enterprise (Recommended)
$600 / Year
  • Student Management
  • Payment Module
  • Teacher Management
  • Parent Portal
  • Scholarship Module
  • Academic Module
  • Report
  • Teachers Module Report
  • Finance Module Report
  • Academic Module Report
  • Parents Module Report
  • Setup Module